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What makes Yoshihiro Narisawa a Global Shaker?

There are few chefs — let alone business owners — as in tune to the connection between people and nature as Yoshihiro Narisawa, Chef and owner of Tokyo’s Narisawa restaurant.

The two Michelin star-winning restaurant focuses on ‘Satoyama’ (a combination of ‘community’ and ‘forest’ in Japanese), offering up dishes such as Forest and Sea; Soil Soup; and Water Salad. “I take inspiration from everything in nature, from scenery to wind, the temperature I feel on my skin, the scent of the air, the plants and the soil, the sound of the stream, the trees, the flavours of edible plants… I feel with my five senses,” Narisawa told theworlds50best magazine.

Narisawa opened his restaurant, formerly known as ‘Les Créations de Narisawa’, after a career training in France, Italy and Switzerland. He is committed to using all natural and organic ingredients, positioning the restaurant as a departure from standard produce, most of which he says contains pesticides.

His restaurant earned the first ever Sustainable Restaurant Award from Restaurant Magazine, which recognised his philosophy to respect and emulate nature across nearly all aspects of his eatery. “I purchase only the exact quantity [of ingredients] I need, so there’s no food waste, and there is also no mediator – the producers receive 100%,” Narisawa added in the interview with theworlds50best, saying he is focused on developing a “symbiotic relationship” between gastronomy and sustainability.

“Visit the places where your ingredients come from. Listen to the local people and know the reality they have to face. Then, choose only the products that are really safe and sustainable.

“If we don’t act correctly, the environment will deteriorate further.”

Narisawa’s passion for good food was cultivated from birth: he is the child of a baker and a sweets maker.

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Last updated: June 18, 2019