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What makes Yong Zhao a Global Shaker?

Dr. Yong Zhao (赵勇), an entrepreneur and senior scientist on computer vision and computational photography, is the founder of Deep Glint, an AI company that implements computer vision and deep learning technologies in visual surveillance, autonomous driving, and smart cities.

“If you upload facial images, or other information such as clothing, height, body size and car license plate number, into the system, it will scan hours of video for matches,” Yong explained, as reported by Xinhua Net. “It is impossible for police officers to scan millions of hours of video footage to locate a suspect, but it is possible for the system to do it.”

Deep Glint aims to construct a highly sophisticated depth-sensing camera system that will allow the physical world to be searchable. Unlike surveillance systems that use 2D video, Deep Glint’s laser technology can sense objects moving in 3D. It is automatically alerted when it senses people falling, fighting or lingering around an area. 

Deep Glint founded UISEE, a pioneering company in self-driving technologies, products and services. Yong is the chairman of the board of UISEE.

Before founding Deep Glint, Yong received his PhD in Computer Engineering from Brown University and was a senior researcher at Google’s research lab. He contributed the Google Glass project, the multimedia filter framework of Android OS, and the design of Google’s GPU data center for large scale image processing tasks.

Last updated: April 23, 2019