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Yonatan Bursztyn

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Founder & President









What makes Yonatan Bursztyn a Global Shaker?

Yonatan Bursztyn is the founder, CEO and president of TOTTO, a fashion brand that focuses on clothing, backpacks, suitcases, accessories and shoulder bags.

In 1987, Yonatan decided to purchase an almost bankrupt leather factory in the middle of a financial crisis in Bogota, Colombia. After buying the factory and heading to a fashion fair in Milan, he started using canvas to create bags and backpacks. In 1992, the brand launched its first international franchise in Costa Rica. By 2003, the brand was deemed to be one of the best businesses to work at in Colombia.

“It is a process, a step-by-step dream of first being a regional brand, then a Latin American brand, and now we are on the way to being a global brand,” Yonatan told in 2018. “We had many tricks that we had to abandon to be a global player and show that the company is unique.”

Nowadays, the Colombian brand has spread throughout the world, as its bags, suitcases, and accessories are sold in over 600 stores in about 60 countries.

“To show what other brands already do and also did before and what should stay in their local markets, you have to work on innovation and processes that make the brand unique in order to differentiate yourself,” Yonatan stated.

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Last updated: June 11, 2019