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What makes Xi Yu a Global Shaker?

Xi Yu started her career as an investment banker for Credit Suisse before moving to the Shanghai Media Group and working as a television presenter. It was in this role that Yu came up with the idea for Human, a pioneering company in artificial emotional intelligence. Yu found that she could see her audience’s reactions as she worked but didn’t know the reason for them. This gave birth to the idea of an artificial intelligence tool that could decipher facial expressions from video profiles into character traits, passion and confidence levels.

The technology has been created to minimize the unconscious bias that humans have when observing emotions, feelings, and characteristics.

“Historically, the interview and recruitment process has been a gamble. Employers often judge people on their own benchmark, which differs from person to person and day to day…,” Yu explained, as reported by “We want to minimize the human bias in this process and more importantly, the discrimination. Imagine you don’t know who the candidate is behind a video interview? Their age, gender or race isn’t up for question. You simply review candidates based on their personality traits … and make an informed decision.”

The tool is used in several areas, such as recruitment purposes, customer behavior profiling, fraud detection, sales detection, professional sports intelligence, and even dating. It can track 24 facial expressions by 67 feature points on the face.

Last updated: April 9, 2019