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Willem Sundblad

CEO & Founder

Oden Technologies


CEO & Founder


Oden Technologies










What makes Willem Sundblad a Global Shaker?

As Founder and CEO of Oden Technologies, Willem Sundblad is helping manufacturers to get as close as possible to ‘perfect production’ — eliminating waste and making better use of their data.

“There’s a staggering opportunity for efficiency and production leaps by introducing machines to the power of IoT and cloud analytics,” Oden’s website reads. “Oden is driving this revolution. We’re on a mission to eliminate waste in manufacturing.”

It works by combining industrial hardware, big date and wireless connectivity into one platform so that manufacturers can analyse and optimise their production from any device. “Efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness are democratised,” the website adds, saying visibility into production processes is provided in real time to time maintenance to perfection and decrease machine downtimes.

His work earned him recognition as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 for 2018. According to the website, Oden has raised $5.9m in funding to date.

Writing about the potential for AI and Machine Learning to change the manufacturing sector, Sundblad explained these technologies will be able to provide manufacturers with prescriptive answers to production challenges “that humans simply cannot.”

The young entrepreneur was also the recipient of the ‘Anders Wall Award for Exceptional Entrepreneurship’ at Innovate46, an event on the future of innovation hosted by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York. The judges highlighted his ability to create and lead a successful business, and the high probability that his product would succeed in the US.

Prior to setting up Oden, he interned with SEB and Agence Pierre Lelong, and worked with Vodafone UK as a project manager on two data projects.

Sundblad graduated with a Masters in Industrial Engineering — with a speciality in production — from Lund University in 2013, including a stint at Ecole Centrale Paris.

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Last updated: August 27, 2019