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Will Straw

Executive Director

Britain Stronger in Europe


Executive Director


Britain Stronger in Europe


United Kingdom


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What makes Will Straw a Global Shaker?

The son of Jack Straw (Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary under Tony Blair) took a leading role in the Remain campaign, helping to lead the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign to defeat.

Educated at Oxford, his life has been steeped in Politics, in 2009 he set up and ran the political blog Left Foot Forward before joining the Institue for Public Policy Research. He has also appeared in controversial headlines as a teenager.

He took a prominent role in the remain campaign, with insiders speaking admiringly of his ability to keep the peace between the campaign’s different factions, and of his work with strategy chief Ryan Coetzee.

But the contrast with the Leave campaign is telling. Vote Leave had Elliott for polish and Cummings for punch. In Will, the group Britain Stronger in Europe had a ‘nice guy’. A fresh face with a knack for policy just did not go all the way for the Pro-Remain group. The nice guy finished last.



Last updated: April 18, 2018