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Wang Tao

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Ping An Good Doctor


Founder, Chairman & CEO


Ping An Good Doctor





What makes Wang Tao a Global Shaker?

Wang Tao is the founder and CEO of Good Doctor. His startup, now backed by Ping An insurance is now the most highly valued Unicorn in Asia. The app Good Doctor is now preparing for its IPO at $5 Billion. The app lets patients connect with doctors to set up appointments.

The app has also been recognised and licensed as an online hospital giving a push to the freshly conceived ‘mHealth’ industry. Ping An Good Doctor reports having 77 million registered users and up to 250,000 daily consultations, but has yet to make a profit, according to a Nasdaq report.

Wang said Good Doctor started using machine learning technology this year, referring to the self-learning technology that can identify patterns in data to assist in medical diagnosis and treatment.

Last updated: April 25, 2018