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What makes Vanessa Warwick a Global Shaker?

When Vanessa Warwick met her husband, Nick, she decided that it was time for a change of priorities. The former MTV presenter grew tired of the rock-and-roll lifestyle – the long hours, the clashing personalities and the competing egos.

After years of experience in the entertainment industry, Warwick decided that she would become master of her own destiny. After brainstorming ideas with her husband, property appeared to be the natural fit for the couple: Vanessa was already a landlord with a flat she couldn’t budge in London, along with Nick who also owned a property.

After investing £2,000 in a property education weekend, Warwick pursued a career buying good quality one and two bedroom flats in North London, before spreading across the South East.

With the couple’s initial success came the idea behind Property Tribes: the United Kingdom’s largest and most recognisable landlord communication and property community. With Property Tribes, Warwick sought to invest in a platform which encouraged the sharing of skills and experiences between landlords.

Warwick’s journey from MTV presenter to property guru has sparked the interest of an entire industry, who now regularly flock to Property Tribes on a daily basis.

Last updated: April 20, 2018