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What makes Toni Skinner a Global Shaker?

Toni Skinner is the British entrepreneur who has emerged as a shining example of a female business leader who has immersed herself in the ‘craft beer revolution’. The former bar and restaurant manager co-founded Pig’s Ears Beer, one of Europe’s fastest-growing craft ale distributors.

Pig’s Ears Beer wasn’t always the massive beverages business that we see across the UK today. Indeed, this young entrepreneur has become celebrated for turning around the fortunes of the company, taking the business from the shelves of a pub basement to a burgeoning, 8,000 sq ft warehouse.

Toni Skinner is a self-professed wine drinker. However, this didn’t stop the company director from creating a beer powerhouse after discovering ales that could rival the fresh, fruity chords seen in a traditional Sauvignon Blanc. Skinner has seemingly struck a chord with casual beer drinkers by creating a brand that appeals to the part-time beverage enthusiast.

Toni Skinner’s beer business now sources and supplies London and England’s South East with their craft beer selection and is currently based out of her bar and restaurant which can be found in Richmond-upon-Thames.

Last updated: March 7, 2019