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Tom Courtney

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Property Basecamp


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What makes Tom Courtney a Global Shaker?

An idea cultivated by Northern Irish entrepreneur Tom Courtney and a group of likeminded professionals was to give birth to one of the most exciting start-ups to arrive in the property industry. ‘Proptech’ is a term which is gaining increasing prominence, and no start-up encapsulates this emerging technology quite like Property Basecamp, which was officially launched in 2016 by Courtney and fellow co-founders Will Mullane and Nathan McGrath.

With Property Basecamp the Newry-based entrepreneur and his team have developed an application which harnesses the potential to totally disrupt the famously-temperamental Irish property market. Spearheading the emergence of so-called ‘proptech’, Courtney has made great efforts to introduce the concept of ‘co-living’ into the North’s then stagnant market, worsened by the uncertainties granted by the fallout of the Brexit referendum.

As a digital application, Property Basecamp offers Irish-based companies the opportunity to provide relocating employees with rental accommodation immediately upon their arrival in the country. The success behind Courtney’s ventures has been in how the start-up has set up lucrative partnerships with Ireland’s letting agents, introducing the first hub to a sample group of relocating employees.

According to Courtney, the need for Property Basecamp is growing: in order to address the famous skills shortage across Ireland, firms are increasingly hiring international candidates, leading to more relocated employees than ever before. With €30,000 in backing from the South Dublin Local Enterprise Board, Tom Courtney and the rest of the team at Property Basecamp are set to become major players in the emerging field of proptech.

Last updated: April 21, 2018