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What makes Timothy Armoo a Global Shaker?

Timothy Armoo’s movement into entrepreneurship began a little earlier than most; the young tech aficionado was to launch his first business venture at the tender age of 14.

The fast-growth tutoring company was to allow Armoo to personally develop into a coding genius. After teaching himself the language of code, Armoo went on to build a number of successful websites before launching his second enterprise at the age of 17. After only 11 months, Timothy sold this enterprise to a large, U.S.-based media group.

Armoo’s current business, FanBytes, was founded in 2015 with close friend, colleague and fellow entrepreneur Ambrose Cooke. The inspiration behind FanBytes came when Armoo took notice of how influenced his young cousin was by social media personalities.

Combining this idea with the possibilities of Snapchat, Armoo recognised that the app had huge potential for genuine audience engagement, and spotted that gap in the market for a firm which could assist companies in tapping into this.

In the present day, FanBytes presents itself as an advertising platform which enables companies to engage with much larger audiences by sharing specially-optimised videos on Snapchat. With an unwavering belief in the marketing and influencer potential of Snapchat he has said that “Snapchat is the young person’s TV and brands and agencies will do themselves well to start thinking quickly about how to engage with that format.”

Last updated: May 6, 2019