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Theresa May

MP, Former Prime Minister

Conservative Party


MP, Former Prime Minister


Conservative Party


United Kingdom


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What makes Theresa May a Global Shaker?

Theresa May is a British politician and formerly the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party.

May graduated from the University of Oxford in Geography with a second class BA degree in 1977. After her graduation, she worked at the Bank of England before acquiring the position of financial consultant and senior advisor in International Affairs at the Association for Payment Cleaning Services.

She has been an MP for the Conservative Party for Maidenhead since 1997, was the Chairman of the Conservative Party from 2002-2003 and Minister of for Women and Equalities from 2010 to 2012. Finally, before becoming PM, May served as the Home Secretary from 2010-2016.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is presiding over the process of the UK leaving the EU.

“Brexit means Brexit”, to use her phrase, is one of the most complicated processes that a PM has ever undertaken. She is arguably the most important figure in the UK looking to steer the UK onto a new path.

She is treading a delicate balancing act not only within her own party but with the different stakeholders across the Country.

Following Cameron’s resignation, May won a leadership election in July 2016, becoming the second female Prime Minister after Margaret Thatcher. It is thought she won the race to become prime minister due to her calm demeanour after David Cameron stepped down. As Prime Minister, May began the process of withdrawing the UK from the European Union, triggering Article 50 in March 2017.

She was succeeded by Boris Johnson, now Prime Minster of the UK.

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Last updated: September 13, 2019