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Tavonia Evans

Founder & CEO

$GUAP Coin


Founder & CEO


$GUAP Coin




$GUAP Coin








What makes Tavonia Evans a Global Shaker?

Tavonia Evans is a technology specialist with about 20 years of experience in business analysis, development, marketing and startups. As a highly respected crypto-evangelist, she has spoken at blockchain conferences around the world.

Tavonia believes that blockchain technology can increase access to financial opportunities for underserved and underprivileged populations worldwide. As such, she is the founder and CEO of $GUAP Coin, a cryptocurrency aimed at generating wealth and impact for minority-owned small businesses and disadvantaged communities.

The alt-coin started as a way to encourage to reward users for patronising Black-owned businesses and institutions, thus facilitating community economics in Black American communities throughout the US. Since its creation, the company has expanded to impact unbanked, marginalised and underserved communities all over the world.

“$GUAP Coin is a movement,” she said in an interview with Black Enterprise. “It’s a vehicle that will enable us to grow the economic wealth in our community, support our community, support our businesses and not only that we need to be able to record the data that goes on. People are always spitting back our numbers to us. They say we spend trillions of dollars, which we do, but on the flip side the corporations that benefit from that, they use these numbers to marginalize rather than use them to give credit where credit is due. We say, ‘OK, well, let’s capture this data ourselves and leverage it with other companies and corporations.’”

Tavonia is the founder and CEO of the She Interactive agency, creative director of The Knechtel Group, and co-founder of Safe2meet, a peer-to-peer reputation platform that allows users to confirm the identity and background of anyone online. She has also held positions with Online Media Interactive, Pyramid Consulting, WedMD, the Georgia Department of Education and more.

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Last updated: October 8, 2019