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Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr


Tanya Burr


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What makes Tanya Burr a Global Shaker?

Like many self-made social media stars, Tanya Burr’s career began sharing makeup and cosmetics tips with friends. As a former member of cosmetic sales staff in a Norwich department store, Burr regularly reflects on the days when reaching up to 3.6m viewers on YouTube every week would have been a very distant dream.

Years later, that aspiration has become a reality for one of social media’s biggest stars: Burr’s beauty tutorials have become so popular that she has now been appointed as a judge on numerous Fashion Week shows across the UK.

However, Tanya Burr’s success doesn’t stop there. Burr’s own cosmetics range — Tanya Burr Cosmetics — has become a bestseller in high street giant Superdrug, with a product sold approximately every two minutes. Burr has published three books, one of which is an incredibly popular baking book. For the time being, the ventures of Tanya Burr appear to be ever-expanding: current estimates suggest Burr’s net worth surpasses £1.5M, with the young influencer bagging up to £20k a month solely from advertising revenue.

Last updated: May 6, 2019