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Tanita de Ruijt

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Jamu Kitchen


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Tanita de Ruijt





What makes Tanita de Ruijt a Global Shaker?

Inspired by the Indonesian ethos of natural healing and medicinal tonics, Tanita de Ruijt tried her hand at creating these powerful concoctions herself to sell in London’s Druid Street Market.

Years later, Tanita’s range of tonics are available from retailers across the UK, from Selfridges and Daylesford Farm to Frame, Ben’s House and TIOSK.

Indeed, it would appear that this young entrepreneur’s efforts in introducing traditional turmeric tonics to a new market has been immensely successful: in the world of health and healing, a huge industry continues to grow. From natural supplements and powders to well-known tonics and charcoals, Jamu Kitchen has emerged as one of the first leaders in natural concoctions.

Filled with interesting liquids that claim to aid a range of health conditions, from skin complaints to indigestion and immunity, De Ruijt’s bottled business idea was conceived during her time spent in Indonesia, where she observed the ancient methods of Jamu, which has similarities to Ayurveda in India and Chinese medicine.

Years later, this young entrepreneur has seen her range of tinctures celebrated by what is a growing culture of health tonic enthusiasts. According to the founder of Jamu Kitchen, the story of success is largely attributable to a passion for traditional methods when applied to a modern context.

Last updated: April 21, 2018