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What makes Tabitha Goldstaub a Global Shaker?

CognitionX, a market intelligence platform that brings clarity to the fast changing and fragmented market of artificial intelligence, can be described as a search engine for all things AI. In 2015, Tabitha Goldstaub founded the company alongside Charlie Muirhead.

“We’re like a Ghostbusters hotline,” she told the London Evening Standard. “When you feel lost and wonder who you’re going to call we have researchers who can answer big questions. AI will be the next industrial revolution, it’s happening quicker than anything we have ever seen. That’s why we’re here.”

Tabitha attained a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and advertising from the University of the Arts London. After completing her studies, she joined t5m as a video syndication director. Before founding CognitionX, she founded Righster (now Brave Bison), the largest online video distribution company outside the United States.

As an expert on the impact of AI, Tabitha believes in finding solutions to ethical dilemmas that can result from the use of AI in everyday life.

“We need AI ethics boards and regulation,” she said. “The government is bringing in new frameworks which will mean that the people building algorithms will have to think in advance about being transparent on how, say, a woman didn’t get a loan or someone from a lower economic sector didn’t get a mortgage.”

Tabitha is also the director of CogX, the AI festival thrown by the company every year. She is also the chair for the AI Council for the UK government’s Office for AI. An advocate for women in technology, she created a group called Why Women in AI and co-founded Future Girl Corp.

Last updated: April 11, 2019