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What makes Suzann Petterson a Global Shaker?

In 2019, Petterson achieved what has been called “one of the most epic retirements an athlete could imagine.” She led Europe’s team of 12 players in the Solheim Cup, considered the pinnacle of Women’s Golf, as a controversial choice after nearly two years on maternity leave and away from the sport. Petterson’s singles match, on the final day of the cup, was the last on the course. Both teams were tied 13½ apiece.

In the final moment, it came down to whether Petterson could sink a putt from six foot. Under intense scrutiny from teammates, opposition, and audiences at home and on the course, she held her nerve and turned the ball into the cup. Amid the ensuing mayhem, as all manner of people rushed onto the green, Petterson gleefully announced her retirement from the sport after a successful 19-year career — which included a spell as the World’s Number 2, but had seen her sink to 876 by 2019.

Speaking to Golf Digest, the athlete said that in retirement it was good to shake off the constant “guilty feeling” of not doing enough that accompanies professional athletes. She also offers candid reflections on being a mother and an athlete, and what success had been like during the cup.

“I never thought I was going to be part of a moment like that ever again. You can dream, that maybe you can be in the mix and have those emotions, the highs, lows and excitement. It shows what the Solheim is all about. And maybe how important experience is.

“It shows sometimes that’s as valuable as young talent.”

Across her career, Petterson earned $15m from the sport.

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Last updated: January 17, 2020