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Subhash Chandra


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73 years


Subhash Chandra

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What makes Subhash Chandra a Global Shaker?

Subhash Chandra is an Indian politician and billionaire media tycoon who is often referred to as “The Father of Indian Television.” He is the founder of India’s first private satellite television company ZEE Entertainment, part of the multifaceted conglomerate Essel Group of which he chairs.

Chandra and his three brothers marked Essel’s 90th birthday in May 2017 by pledging $777 million to the DSC Foundation. The foundation supports the work of the Development Support Centre (DSC) whose work spans the promotion of natural resource management, social development projects and education.

A long history of philanthropic ventures, Subhash founded Transnational Alternate Learning for Emancipation and Empowerment through Multimedia (TALEEM) in 1995. TALEEM is a nonprofit organization that provides education and promotes research in various disciplines relating to health, family life, social and cultural anthropology, communication and media.

Subhash Chandra has also given away millions to provide free education to 1.4 million tribal children in 55,000 villages through his charity Ekal Vidyalaya. With the participation of numerous trusts and non-profit organizations,  Ekal has become the largest grassroots level NGO that operates in the remote villages of India and Nepal.

A large chunk of Chandra’s philanthropic ventures are conducted through the Subhash Chandra Foundation. Their missions are education, empowerment, entrepreneurship and integrated rural development.

Chandra meditates daily and is also a Trustee of the Global Vipassana Foundation. Under the umbrella of the Essel Group, the foundation advocates the Vipassana technique of meditation rediscovered by Gautama Buddha.

He is a firm believer of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (which means One World – One Family) and advocates that it is imperative for the citizens of India to come together to progress towards the nations sustainable development.

Last updated: April 15, 2019