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What makes Steve Hershberger a Global Shaker?

Steve Hershberger is the co-founder and CEO of SteadyServ Technologies, a data-as-a-service company that delivers real-time performance intelligence on draft beer consumption and inventory, simplifying the complexity of bar operations.

SteadyServ is disrupting the beer industry with an Internet of Things solution– owning the world’s largest database of beer — that puts draft beer kegs online, helping restaurants and bars better stock, price and manage draft beer.

Data is critical to this industry, which currently operates via speculation and manual processes. Shaking a keg to determine how much beer is left is still common practice without this type of technology.

SteadyServ’s patented smart scales allow bar/restaurant owners to see inside their kegs. The smart scales sit under each keg and constantly measures how much liquid is remaining.

The point-of-sale system provides easy-to-understand, actionable analytics about a bars beer lineup accessed effortlessly through their iKeg app making it super easy to pick products that will sell and generate repeat customers. There is also an option to unlock in-depth analysis of draft waste.

The company now has more than 130 customers across the United States and is building a European presence. Hershberger, an avid craft beer enthusiast, also co-founded Indianapolis-based Flat12 Bierwerks in 2009. More recently, in February 2019 he set up Simplex Intelligence AI, a company that is using Artificial Intelligence to provide retailers in-depth insights and algorithms to improve customer engagement and experience. 

Last updated: May 14, 2019