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Solange Barbosa


Rota da Liberdade




Rota da Liberdade







What makes Solange Barbosa a Global Shaker?

Solange Barbosa is a Brazil-based specialist in ethnic and cultural tourism, rooted within local communities.

Since 2006, she has been CEO of Rota da Liberdade, a cultural and touristic project mapping the African Diaspora across the state of Sao Paulo. Developed in 18 cities of the region of the Paraiba Valley, the programme included a strong focus on artistic and cultural events to highlight African and Afro-Brazilian culture.

At the same time, she held various posts on an institutional level. She was Coordinator of Cultural Activities at the AfroBrazillian Cultural Centre and Zumbi dos Palmares Library, dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of Afro-Brazilian Memory in Taubaté, São Paulo.

Barbosa has spent 8 years with UNESCO. Since 2012 she’s worked on the Slave Route Scientific Programme, specialising in ‘memory tourism’. She runs her own Travel Agency, Sol Barbosa Tourism and Culture, which offers Cultural and Touristic Development programmes in Taubate, Sao Paulo.

Since 2017 she’s also been Director of Tourism for ECCO Brazil, through which she is responsible for the Board of Tourism of the Brazil – Africa Chamber of Commerce.

She holds a degree in history and social science from the Centro Universitário Salesiano in São Paulo.

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Last updated: October 2, 2020