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Siraj Raval

Founder, Director, Engineer, Researcher, Influencer, Author

School of AI


Founder, Director, Engineer, Researcher, Influencer, Author


School of AI




Siraj Raval






What makes Siraj Raval a Global Shaker?

Siraj Raval is the founder and director of School of AI, a global nonprofit organisation whose mission is “to offer a world-class AI education to anyone on Earth for free.”

“Machine learning can help us understand our world in ways we couldn’t otherwise,” he wrote in a Medium post. “It can help us create and discover new things orders of magnitude more efficiently than ever before.”

The school has over 400 chapters in 80 countries to educate the world about artificial intelligence, machine learning and how these technologies can be used to start a business, find employment and benefit society. The dean of each chapter represents the school online and offline and works to inspire and educate developers to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to benefit their local communities.

Siraj is the #1 AI influencer on YouTube. With a following of over 645,000 people, he makes videos that entertain and educate those who want to learn how to use artificial intelligence to create their own solutions, benefit humanity and earn a living in the process. With videos such as Watch Me Build an Education Startup (and a healthcare, AI, finance and marketing one), Brain Computer Interfaces, Mathematics of Dopamine, 7 Ways to Make Money with Machine Learning, Mathematics for Beginners, and an interview with Dr Alan Baratz – 67 Questions with a Quantum Researcher, the talented researcher has created a free curriculum to AI success that anyone can follow.

Before founding School of AI, Siraj worked as an engineer in several capacities at companies such as Twilio, CBS Interactive, Meetup and Lucid Robotics.

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Last updated: June 22, 2019