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Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay


The Daily Telegraph




The Daily Telegraph


United Kingdom


89 years


The Daily Telegraph

Est. Net Worth

$5.9 Billion Forbes





Sir David Rowat Barclay and Sir Frederick Hugh Barclay commonly referred to as the “Barclay Brothers” or “Barclay Twins”, are British businessmen. The identical twin brothers have very substantial business interests primarily in media, retail and property.

Their Press Holdings company owns Apollo and The Spectator magazine, and through a wholly owned subsidiary (Press Acquisitions Limited) they also own Telegraph Group Limited, parent company of The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph.

Billionaire owners of The Telegraph, better known as Barclay Brothers have incessantly been pro-Brexit. The Guardian accused The Telegraph of reflecting the views of its owners in its news coverage.

While The Sun labelled the Supreme court judges ‘Enemies of the People’, Telegraph called Tories campaigning for remain ‘Mutineers’. The paper faced some backlash over calling the Tory MPs by the said name, to which Ex-Editor of the Telegraph Mr Toni Gallagher jumped to its defence on Twitter.

Throughout the Brexit campaign, it became increasingly clear that the Telegraph was working with an agenda, which was to ‘reinforce the ideals of leaving EU in the minds of middle-class elderly citizens’.

Last updated: May 2, 2018