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Simon Sinek

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Start With Why


Motivational Speaker


Start With Why




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Start With Why





What makes Simon Sinek a Global Shaker?

Simon Sinek is an author, motivational speaker, organisational consultant and serial entrepreneur.

Following the success of his blockbuster TED Talk on leadership, he published a book called Start With Why: How Great Leadership Inspires Action that quickly became a bestseller. Then, he syphoned this success into a stream of high-traffic YouTube videos and highly profitable keynote speeches.

While an undoubtedly incredible speaker and motivator, his real skill is in his ability to sell his ideas.

A 2017 video that went somewhat viral where Sinek explains why millennials are such disappointments in the workplace is a good example of this. According to him, millennials were failed by their parents who “told them they were special all the time” and gave them “participation medals for coming in last.” While what he is saying is nothing more than opinion, Sinek has an uncanny talent for dressing up his sentiments as science. Millions viewed the video without questioning his explanation. A testament to Sinek’s ability to deliver a message to ensure maximum buy-in.

Last updated: November 21, 2019