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Shiva Dhakal

Managing Director

Royal Mountain Travel - Nepal


Managing Director


Royal Mountain Travel - Nepal









What makes Shiva Dhakal a Global Shaker?

On his short Linkedin summary, Shiva Dhakal, Managing Director of Royal Mountain Travel – Nepal, makes his position on travel very clear: “Firmly committed to sustainable and community-based tourism.”

Royal Mountain Travel is a Nepalese tour operator based in Kathmandu. It was set up in 2005 to connect the outside world and the rural communities of the Himalayan nations, offering a variety of community-based tours and trekking packages around Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan.

“From the very beginning of our institution, we have been focusing on the ethical values and belief of Ecotourism, women empowerment and their participation in the development of community,” Dhakal adds in a post on LinkedIn. “Plus we are concerned to ensure the meaningful experience of the travellers by introducing and involving them in communities to experience the warm companionship of the local population, and to the culture and tradition of these beautiful Himalyan nations.”

This pledge is supported by the establishment of a Community Homestay Network, a social enterprise of which Dhakal is also Chairman.

The network connects tourists looking to experience diverse cultures to homestays run by women. “From eating home cooked Nepali food to participating in festivals and the daily culturally rich lives of Nepali people, CHN provides a platform for tourists to experience Nepal through the lens of the Nepali people.” It’s now a network of 17 communities and 170 homestays across Nepal.

RMT was recently afforded the PATA Gold Award 2020 for Community-based tourism by the Pacific Asia Travel Association. In a post on Linkedin, Dhakal wrote that he and his colleagues were “excited and humbled to receive this incredible award not only on behalf of our company but also on behalf of Nepal.”

Alongside RMT, he’s the owner of several boutique hotels, and high-quality travel magazine Inside Himalayas. This aims to showcase “the best sights, trips, food and adventures in the Himalayas.”

Dhakal holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and Management from Saraswati Multiple Campus.

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Last updated: October 2, 2020