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Servane Mouazane

Founder and Executive Director

Ogunte CIC


Founder and Executive Director


Ogunte CIC


United Kingdom








What makes Servane Mouazane a Global Shaker?

Servane is a Social Business Development Professional and founder of OGUNTE, a women-focused social innovations development company that was launched 10 years ago in the Netherlands and established in the UK in 2007.

Being an ambassador for female entrepreneurship is her second nature, as her motto is: A Better World. Powered by Women.

Servane’s expertise lies in enabling women and their organisations to tackle social, cultural and environmental issues, implement bold and innovative systemic solutions, connect with appropriate stakeholders and finally measure their social impact. Her customers say she has helped them gain confidence, leadership and management skills, visibility and access finance and robust resources to make a positive and sustainable impact in the world.

She has closely helped over 2,000 women so far, in Europe and South America, directly impacting over 200,000 individuals and organisations.

She is a Board Director at Social Enterprise London, an RSA fellow, and a Common Purpose graduate.

Last updated: May 9, 2018