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What makes Sarah Chapman a Global Shaker?

Sarah Chapman is the British entrepreneur who currently sits as CEO at Faro Energy, one of Europe’s fastest-growing solar energy firms. The renewable-energy pioneer is a two-time graduate of the University of Oxford, picking up degrees in mathematics, theoretical physics and fluid dynamics. Chapman was the first Chief of Staff for the Global Commission on the Economy and the Climate, the global coalition of world leaders, researchers and CEOs who launched the New Climate Economy Report in 2014.

The solar business chief previously worked at climate finance company Climate Bridge where she led renewable energy structured finance transaction in London, before launching the company’s Australian business. For Chapman, a destiny in renewable energy was hinted at from the beginning of her career at McKinsey & Company where she specialised in climate policy and clean energy finance.

Chapman has been to the forefront of championing rooftop solar, with her company responsible for a number of projects across Latin America. The solar CEO insists that green fuels are cheaper than the alternatives, and hopes that the success behind solar will continue to rise in the future.

Last updated: May 14, 2018