Photo on The Africa Prize for Innovation
Photo on The Africa Prize for Innovation

Safiatou Nana


Solar Koodo




Solar Koodo


Burkina Faso






What makes Safiatou Nana a Global Shaker?

Burkina Faso native and energy entrepreneur Safiatou Nana is pioneering solutions to women farmers with off-grid solar power.

She is the founder of SolarKoodo, an organisation set up in 2018, which developed solar powered irrigation for desert areas. The solar energy powers pumps suck water from wells then distribute it evenly around the crops, through a method that will save farmers time and help them produce more crops.

In prototype testing with farmers, Solar Koodo’s solution halved the time they took to farm the land and increasing yield by 400% to 200kg per day.

Nana holds a masters degree in Energy Engineering, Renewable Energy from the Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences and has achieved a a certification in Regulations for Sustainable Development Goal 7, Sustainable Energy For All, from Florence School of Regulation.

She regularly participates in pan-African conferences and meetings on green energy, such as a recent event hosted by the Enel Foundation.

She’s also a champion of the idea that the independence of a country begins when it has achieved energy independence for all its inhabitants, and the necessity to find and develop more women leaders.

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Last updated: May 22, 2020