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Safia Minney MBE

Founder & CEO

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Founder & CEO


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Safia Minney


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What Makes Safia Minney a Global Shaker? 

Safia Minney, MBE, is an award-winning social entrepreneur and renowned globally for the company she founded, People Tree, one of the world’s first sustainable fashion brands.

At the age of 25, and after working in marketing and publishing, Safia moved to Japan where she worked for the ethical beauty brand, The Body Shop and learned Japanese. To provide an outlet for her commitment to improving the conditions of the planet, Safia launched Global Village in 1991, an NGO that provided consumers with environmental and organic listings and other ‘green’ information.

In 1997, Safia launched an ethical clothing line out of Global Village and People Tree was born.

Nearly three decades on, the company is still the only brand credited by the World Fair Trade Organisation.

Safia is recognised by the World Economic Forum as an Outstanding Social Entrepreneur and is a leading influencer in Sustainability, Anti-Modern Slavery and Fair Trade.

Her consulting business aims to promote leadership for sustainable business and advise on responsible supply chains. Safia is the author of 9 books, including; ‘Slave to Fashion’ campaigning to eradicate modern-day slavery and ‘Slow Fashion – Aesthetics meets Ethics.

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Last updated: October 23, 2019