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Sadiq Khan

Mayor of London

Labour Party


Mayor of London


Labour Party


United Kingdom


53 years


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What makes Sadiq Khan a Global Shaker?

Sadiq Khan’s parents moved to London from Pakistan in the 1960s, he was born in the city and has been a Londoner his whole life. He studied law at the University of North London, which is now the London Metropolitan University and graduated in 1991. After graduating Khan specialised in human rights law at Christian Fisher. The firm focused on legal aid cases.

Khan was elected as a Labour Party MP for Tooting in 2005, in what he calls one of the proudest moments of his life. He was given the role of Minister of State for Transport by Gordon Brown in 2009, and became the first Muslim and Asian to attend Cabinet. He left his MP post in 2016 when he was elected as the Mayor of London.

While the former mayor of London Boris Johnson chose to go hard on Leaving the EU, the current mayor Sadiq Khan chose to be a prominent voice on the Remain camp. While he was unable to swing votes to the Remain cause (although there were numerous other factors), he climbed up the digital ladder to be social media’s top influencer only 10 days after the referendum.

In the 10 days after the referendum, he generated 907,325 engagements on his Brexit-related posts, far outdistancing Farage’s 433K engagements. He’s also seen a huge rush of new followers, increasing the size of his Facebook audience by 50% since the referendum.

Last updated: May 16, 2018