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What makes Rohan Silva a Global Shaker?

In the space of a few short years, Rohan Silva has become a symbol of the start-up explosion to hit London, dominated by young entrepreneurs specialising in technology, design, and in his own case, property. Before dipping his toes into the property market, the young tycoon worked as a Special Advisor to then Shadow Chancellor George Osbourne. During this time, Rohan was to become one of the most well-connected and innovative thinkers inside then Prime Minister David Cameron’s Downing Street policy unit.

Years later, Rohan used his bountiful experience and contacts to launch Tech City, a platform linking the many thousands of start-ups in London’s East End. In the present day, however, Rohan Silva is recognised primarily for his efforts in building Second Home, one of the latest property start-ups to disrupt the thriving industry in London. Along with Co-Founder Sam Aldenton, Rohan spearheaded a company which places workplace productivity and teamwork at the core of its business model.

The co-founders combined their mutual interest in property with their entrepreneurial expertise to transform a 1960s carpet factory into the workplace of their dreams: their Spitalfields headquarters hosts over 75% of the company’s staff. To the team at Second Home, the headquarters represents the core ideal of their businesses: innovative workspaces which foster interaction and efficiency.

With the profitability behind shared workspaces rapidly accelerating over the past decade, it is no surprise that Rohan’s venture attracted £150 million in funding from investors M&C Saatchi and a tidy £4m from Goldman Sach’s Jim O’Neill. It appears that for this young entrepreneur, hard work and a passion for property has paid off as the firm recently expanded its operations into Lisbon.

Last updated: April 24, 2018