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Rodolphe Hasselvander


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Blue Frog Robotics




Blue Frog Robotics







What makes Rodolphe Hasselvander a Global Shaker?

Rodolphe Hasselvander is a co-founder and CEO of Blue Frog Robotics, the creator of Buddy, the first mobile companion robot. Buddy will be able to watch your house while you are not there and detect a burglar, flood, or fire and, unlike a guard dog can send an alert to your smart device. Once this happens a user can then take control of Buddy allowing them to see how severe the problem is.

On a more lighthearted note, the adorable wandering robot can also take videos and pictures of you and play music while you are entertaining and is linked to major social media outlets.

Besides its fun features, the robot can also teach children mathematics, set alarms and remind you of upcoming events. It can even help you cook by reading your recipes aloud as well as your messages if you’re hands are full. Buddy is based on an Android operating system and has already raked in US$1 million in pre-orders.

In 2001 Hasselvander started his professional career as an engineer for Peugeot and by 2004 he was the youngest director at the Centre de Robotique Intégrée d’Ile de France, which was a non-profit robotics research laboratory. After seven years in this role, he co-founded CRIIF SAS, the company that Blue Frog Robotics spun-out from. Hasselvander is also the VP of Silver Valley, a French organisation focusing on gerontechnology and a VP of DEFI Mecatronic – the country’s industrial robotics organisation. 

Last updated: April 8, 2019