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Founder & CEO


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What makes Robin Berzin a Global Shaker? 

Robin Berzin is a doctor trying to “heal healthcare.”

Berzin is a doctor by trade, but in the past, she has been a radio producer and US attorney staffer. She is also an expert in digital health and functional medicine — a practice that involves treating the root problem of an illness, rather than just the symptoms.

She has long noticed the shortcomings of the way our current health systems works and the need to employ tech to revolutionise them, so she founded Parsley Health.

“I started Parsley Health because I saw how broken healthcare is today. We are making ourselves sick as a population, through how we eat, move, and live while traditional medicine layers on more pills, waiting for us to get sicker,” says Berzin on Parsley Health’s website.

“It has become a revolving door for prescription drugs and referrals to specialists.”

With a Parsley Health membership, instead of insurance or co-pays, patients pay a monthly fee for five doctor visits a year, have unlimited access to their medical records through a dedicated platform, and are involved in medical practices that harness patient data and records to promote long-lasting, preventative healthcare. Plus the average doctors’ visit lasts around 50 minutes — a huge improvement on the average 10 minutes a patient gets in the UK or the 13 minutes they receive in the US.

Berzin believes that to better diagnose and treat patients’ issues, doctors need to know the full story.

Parsley members spend around four hours a year with medical professionals, including five doctor visits a year and five health coach visits, plus 24/7 communication with your doctor and health coach. Additionally, doctors have the advantage of making use of advanced biomarker testing.

Last year, Parsley announced the close of a $10 million round of Series A funding led by FirstMark Capital.

Launched in New York, Parsley now has centres in Los Angeles and San Francisco and are planning to launch more this year.

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Last updated: July 9, 2019