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What makes Roberto Irineu Marinho a Global Shaker?

Roberto Irineu Marinho and his brothers Joao Roberto and Jose Roberto inherited control of Globo Group (Organizações Globo), the largest media group in Latin America.

Irineu Marinho, the trio’s grandfather, founded Globo Group in 1925. After his sudden death a few weeks later, his son Roberto Pisani Marinho took control of the company. The brothers took over in 1969, when Roberto Irineu Marinho was 21.

“Father taught us three lessons,”  he said in an interview with World Screen. “The first lesson is to always believe in Brazil. The second lesson is to work with the best and most talented professionals, regardless of friendship, family bonds or ideologies. The third lesson is to keep the passion for communication, which ‘motivates us to build a relationship with our audience, to search for innovation and to keep the quality of the final product’, as my father would say”.

Globo Group includes Brazil’s largest broadcaster, Rede Globo. Producing around 2,400 hours of entertainment and 3,000 hours of journalism in Brazil per year, the broadcaster is the largest producer of telenovelas, the largest commercial television network in Latin America and the second largest commercial television network in the world, after ABC. The company has won 14 international Emmy awards.

In 2017, Roberto Irineu Marinho stepped down as executive president of Globo Group. He is currently the chair of the broad of directors.

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Last updated: May 21, 2019