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What makes Robert Boehme a Global Shaker?

Robert Boehme is Founder, Advocate and Innovator at Planetary Transportation Systems (PTS), a German space venture aiming to increase access to the moon by reducing the cost of space travel.

PTS leads an international team of scientists and engineers who are working on establishing a long-term framework for commercially viable space exploration.

Boehme always had a passion for science fiction, but in 2008 decided to found a group he then called “Part Time Scientists” and enter the Google Lunar XPrize. He eventually grew the team to a fully-fledged space company that employed more than 50 people. In 2015, Google awarded Boehme with $750,000 to continue developing the company.

To date, PTS has designed and built a spacecraft with the potential to deliver payloads of up to 100kg.

“The things in life that matter most to me are making a lasting effort towards space exploration, living a healthy and fitness-oriented life and enabling others, especially employees, friends and people I work with, to reach their full potential,” Boehme writes on LinkedIn.

“My personal vision is that with [space] technologies we will enable small Governments, research institutions, as well as most importantly medium-sized enterprises with access to space. This includes as of today exotic destinations such as the Moon, Asteroids and Mars.”

Before going full time with PTS, Boehme was an IT security specialist working with the German Government, where in testing for security flaws he successfully hacked all eight generations of the secure phone used by German politicians.

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Last updated: April 8, 2020