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Rhian Lewis

Director & Technology Consultant

Salvia Media Services


Director & Technology Consultant


Salvia Media Services




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What makes Rhian Lewis a Global Shaker?

Rhian Lewis, a software engineer, blockchain consultant, and one of the most renowned women in the European cryptocurrency space, graduated from the University College London with a bachelor’s in economics. After working as a journalist with The Times and The Sunday Times for over a decade, she decided to turn a hobby into a career and started working as a tech consultant.

She later became interested in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, co-founding Count My Crypto, the first altcoin calculator to continually track the worth of users’ cryptocurrency investments, London Women in Bitcoin, and other initiatives. Rhian is also the director of Salvia Media Services and works with clients through Europe and the UK.  She specializes in testing blockchain applications and teaches the B9Lab Ethereum Quality Assurance Engineer course.

As a top consultant in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, she has spoken at several conferences, including EuroStar, Blockchain Live, Heisenbug, FinTechJapan, Blockchain Expo, and Blockchain Live. Rhian also writes about blockchain technology on Medium.

Rhian has been listed on CoinFilter’s Top 40 Women in Bitcoin and Richtopia’s Top 100 Fintech Insiders. She splits her time between England and Germany.

Tags: blockchain, cryptocurrency, engineering, Women in Tech

Last updated: October 13, 2020