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Reyes Tirado

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What makes Reyes Tirado a Global Shaker?

Originally from Spain, biologist Reyes Tirado has been in charge of the Greenpeace Research Laboratory since 2006, located at the University of Exeter, in the UK.

Alongside her Greenpeace colleagues in their offices around the world, she leads field projects and scientific analysis, contributing to the strategies of national and international campaign.

She often represents Greenpeace in national and international conferences and her work takes her all around the world.

She is an expert in biodiversity and also works on the relationship between land use, agriculture and climate change, exploring in detail the mitigation measures of greenhouse gas emissions caused by agriculture and meat production. She coordinated the Cool Farming: Climate impacts of agriculture and mitigation potential report .

She affirms that in order to have a healthy planet and healthy humans living upon it, we must break with our love of eating meat.

In 2018, Greenpeace launched Less is more. Reduce meat production and consumption for a healthier life and planet — Greenpeace’s vision for the meat and dairy system in 2050, with two reports of which Tirado is the lead author.

In the light of the devastating Amazon Rainforest fires of 2019, Greenpeace started circulating a petition demanding the Brazilian government take action to stop the fires.

Tirado spends a large part of the year in Seville, where she has helped to promote the Red Sevilla social movement for Climate since 2016 as president.

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Last updated: September 5, 2019