The Green Vic in Shoreditch, London
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What makes Randy Rampersad a Global Shaker?

Randy Rampersad is the founder of The Better World Group through which he might have just launched the world’s most sustainable pub — The Green Vic, based in Shoreditch, London.

After graduating from business school and travelling the world working in hospitality, he knew he wanted to start a business but wasn’t ready to put profits before the planet.

He came up with the idea for The Green Vic after trying to think of ways for raising money for kids in Africa and thought of putting a beer, cider and bottle of wine behind the bar of his beloved cricket club, where all the money from those sales will go toward the kids in Africa. After a lot of googling, he realised there was a huge gap in the market for a pub like this.

He also wanted to see if it was possible to make it ethical in everything they do and don’t further harm the planet.

After extensive research, he managed to find sustainable suppliers for pretty much everything. From loo roll made by Who Gives a Crap — a sustainable toilet paper brand that uses profits to make toilets in developing countries — to Toast Ale — a brewery that creates beer from businesses leftover bread.

Last updated: July 11, 2019