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Randall Carlson

The Randall Carlson Project


The Randall Carlson Project



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$2 million. Forbes



Why is Randall Carlson a Global Shaker?


Alongside being a professional builder, business owner, and a popular podcast host, he dedicates his life to sharing knowledge and wisdom mainly focusing on geology and how past global cataclysmic events have shaped the earth. 


Randall has appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast more than 6 times, episode 606 has a staggering 15 million views and counting. A hugely popular guest among Joe Rogan’s loyal fans and followers.

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Alongside appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast as a guest speaker, he has gathered a large following on his podcast Cosmographia which explores well grounded new theories on cataclysms and provides substantial evidence on how they likely caused the loss of one (or more) advanced global civilizations. 


Carlson is associated with ‘howtube’ which is dedicated to free speech and an open non-biased and truthful learning platform. It also delivers its own paywall system allowing all  ‘howtube’ users the ability to control and  monetise their content.


Randall Carlson’s welcoming and humbled approach to sharing the knowledge of science, geology, and history has caused him to gain huge popularity among the lost ancient civilization community. 


If you watch any of his own featured or guest-speaking podcasts you will clearly see and feel his passion and that he loves what he does. Along with his wealth of knowledge and years of research, he is helping to shape future generations and encouraging them to ask questions and to try and understand what the universe is all about. 


Encouraging people to think and have open discussions with the aim of building a welcoming and thought-provocative community. 


Most recently he has been conducting field studies in north America and his findings are causing excitement and controversy in the geological and archeological fields. The reason being is that his research and evidence are showing clear signs of a truly incomprehensible global cataclysm that scarred and reshaped the landscape. Now a trending and popular subject among the scientific community, thanks to Randall referred to as the Younger Dryas impact theory. 


His research is presented in a way that is easily understood by people without a professional scientific background and this is one of the main reasons why he is gaining popularity rapidly. 


Randall has dedicated his life to raising global awareness on subjects that should be taken seriously and to educating people on historical events that they may not have been exposed to previously. 


A true Global Shaker! 

Last updated: February 17, 2023