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Peter Smith

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What makes Peter Smith a Global Shaker?

Peter Smith is the CEO and co-founder of Blockchain, the world’s largest crypto wallet provider. Blockchain is also a FinTech and data company that is a leader in digital currency and distributed ledger services.

Since its founding in 2014, the company has raised $75 million in capital from household names like Google Ventures and Sir Richard Branson. By the end of 2016, the software had already conducted over 100 million transactions across the globe.

Peter believes the world is less than two years away from a top 30 government issuing a digital currency. He explained that cryptocurrency could seriously impact economic growth, as currency would be able to move throughout the world as a faster pace.

“Central bankers know what a lot of us don’t know, which is their product is a product,” Peter explained, as reported by Forbes. “The dollar is a product; the pound is a product. If there is something out there that is faster, more efficient, provides better data, more trust, [and has] lower infrastructure cost …then they have a problem on their hands…If you can move $100 million in Irish money for two dollars and you can do it in 20 minutes, you’ll settle in Irish dollars instead of [English] pounds.”

Peter, who has worked on almost every continent, has been named as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum and a thought leader in the FinTech space. He’s also been listed by Crypto Weekly as one of the Most Influential People in Crypto in 2019.

His thoughts on the industry can be found on his Medium page.

Last updated: April 25, 2019