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What makes Peter Ramsey a Global Shaker?

When Peter Ramsey first had the idea for Movem, he immediately dropped out of university and allocated all of his focus towards building his property start-up. Indeed, as an accomplished wed designer from the age of 14, this young entrepreneur was giving out signals that he was destined for tech-success from an early age.

During his time at school, class and curriculum came second to Ramsey’s freelance career, which dealt with businesses across all sectors in the UK. Whilst fellow classmates knuckled down to study for their A-Levels, Ramsey was regularly consulting clients on SEO, eBay shops and the re-selling of domain names. However, it wasn’t until Ramsey entered university that the inspiration behind Movem came to him.

Ramsey, like many students across the UK, was left immensely frustrated by a rogue landlord who, without reason, attempted to withhold deposit fees and charge Peter and his housemates hundred of pounds for no apparent reason. It was Ramsey’s desire to vent about this injustice which compelled him to set up Movem, then a WordPress site. Frequently referred to as “an AirBnB for residential tenancies”, Movem allows its users to review their experiences renting from landlords, whilst in turn, building their own reputation as a reputable and reliable lender.

For many disillusioned students, Movem represented a way to challenge the authority of such landlords, creating a portal for likeminded tenants who simply want to pay their rent and go about their business. Ramsey’s efforts have been supported by several angel investors – the firm attracted £140,000 in crowdfunding in 2015 through Crowdcube, before securing an additional £200,000 the following year. With the site being used by every University in the UK, the success story of Peter Ramsey is truly compelling.

Last updated: April 23, 2018