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What makes Oliver Ripley a Global Shaker?

Serial entrepreneur Oliver Ripley is CEO of Habitas, the hospitality group aiming to reimagine the conventional hotel experience “with a clear focus on sustainability and positive change.”

“We believed that it is our collective responsibility to create a better future and to live a life with purpose and inspiration, to protect our environment, to give back and support others,” Ripley says of the founders of Habitas, as told to The International Luxury Hotel Association.

“Sustainability is a huge part of our philosophy. Every decision we make is made first and foremost thinking about the environment and sustainability,” he says. “The locations we choose; how we build our hotels using sustainable materials; building in ways that leave zero impact on the environment; our food and local ingredients; our programming; the local causes that we support and raise awareness with our guests.


Habitas Tulum yoga

Habitas Tulum yoga. Photo on Travelocity


“We hope that by raising awareness and educating our guests they can take some of these ideas and practices home.”

One such location is Habitas Tulum, a sustainable sanctuary found between the jungle and the Caribbean sea in Mexico. The rooms are built with natural palapa roofs, canvas walls, outdoor rain showers, and at least 500 square feet of private space. Meals at the in-house restaurant Moro are wood-fired, using sustainably-sourced ingredients.

Habitas Rise was founded as a philanthropic arm to Habitas, aiming to make a positive impact in communities around the world. It works on public spaces created, built and led by refugees.

Ripley’s other work includes founder of Black Ocean, a technology group that builds and operates early stage technology businesses in the US, Europe and Russia. He also co-founded Ocean Group, a private investment company.

Ripley went to Eton College and then Oxford University.

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Last updated: March 30, 2021