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Nick Coleman

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Snaffling Pig


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What makes Nick Coleman a Global Shaker?

Despite the UK’s growing penchant for organically-produced, healthy foods, there is still a huge market for those consumers who like a bit of indulgence in their lifestyles. For those who do wish to indulge, the efforts of Nick Coleman in launching a brand of gourmet pork cracklings have been welcomed with open arms. Coleman was not always a purveyor of artery-clogging snacks, however: the British entrepreneur founded the immensely successfully medical wholesaler, Medical Supermarket in 2010, helping companies save money on all of their medical requirements.

It was Coleman’s lessons learnt as co-founder of Medical Supermarket which granted him the confidence to boldly enter the food industry with a small seed investment of £500. Coleman defied friends who said he couldn’t set up a successful business on £500 by going on to set up the markets largest gourmet pork crackling brand, which now offer 11 flavours sold in glass gift jars, foil bags and even advent calendars. Indeed, the decision to run with this business idea has paid off for Coleman, whose products are now sold in over 2,000 pubs across the United Kingdom and beyond. Only a few short years into launching the brand and Coleman now oversees a huge operation which boasts an annual turnover of over £3.5 million per year.

By combining intense flavours with a strong marketing strategy, Coleman and the team at Snaffling Pig have successfully transformed the humblest of pub snacks into a gourmet delight found in the finest food halls in the country. The efforts of Coleman and his band of pork-lovers have been recognised by the world of business, leading to a neat investment of £70,000 from Moonpig Founder Nick Jenkins following an appearance on BBC’s Dragons Den. With plans to launch selections of beers, cookbooks and more, what started as a bet between friends has become an industry mainstay in the world of pub foods.

Last updated: April 23, 2018