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What makes Morgan Dowler a Global Shaker?

As a young woman, watching her mum battle with breast cancer was one of the most difficult things that Morgan Dowler had to endure growing up. However, out of the heartbreak and chaos of her mother’s condition came an innovative business idea: supportive, yet feminine bras designed specifically for women post-surgery. For Dowler, creating garments which restored a woman’s varied and personal perceptions of what it is to be a ‘woman’ spurred her on to establish one of the UK’s largest post-op underwear firms, Love Me… (And My Secret).

At only 23 years old, The Heswall-based entrepreneur was determined to create an enterprise which offered solutions to her mother and thousands of others like her across the UK. Marking a personal breakthrough for Dowler, her business brainwave was apparently one of its kind: market research revealed a massive gap for lingerie which is both visually attractive and comfortable. Following consultations with doctors, surgeons and other health professionals across the UK, Dowler conceived several designs before finding a suitable manufacturer to produce her lined, cotton-rich bras.

Aside from her entrepreneurial ventures, Dowler has become celebrated for her charity work after selecting North West Cancer Research as her business’ first-ever charity partner, as well as supporting numerous cancer charities across Europe. For this young entrepreneur, restoring her customers’ potentially lost sense of femininity is at the core of her business.

Last updated: April 20, 2018