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Mir Liponi

Founder, Chief Expert Officer, Cypherpunk Vlogger

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Founder, Chief Expert Officer, Cypherpunk Vlogger


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What makes Mir Liponi a Global Shaker?

Mir Liponi is known as a cypherpunk vlogger, the chief expert officer of Blockchain Lab in Italy, and as a recognized thought leader within Europe’s Bitcoin community. Blockchain Lab connects people who are building up infrastructure that can contribute to the decentralization movement.

She also connects local businesses to blockchain experts through the BHB Network, a network she co-founded with her husband.

In the past, Mir has worked with lead developers like Peter Todd and has been involved with many of the Bitcoin community’s most important research projects.

She’s very supportive of other women in the space, believing that it’s important to “encourage women to see it is something they can do and there should be no barriers.”

“In my personal experience talking about Bitcoin, many women are very quick to grasp the technology and the different concepts behind it,” she said in an interview with Coin Rivet.

She is also forward about supporting the cypherpunks. A term stemming from the words “cipher” and “cyberpunk,” it is attributed to those who believe that privacy is necessary for an open society in this modern digital age. As such, she believes that technology is “neutral but can be used to create a better world. Whether it changes the world or not depends on the user.”

Mir is also a singing coach and has recently completed a PhD in musicology and ethnomusicology from the Sapienza University of Rome.

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Last updated: October 11, 2019