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Michio Kaku

Professor and Author

City College of New York


Professor and Author


City College of New York




77 years


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What makes Michio Kaku a Global Shaker?

Nobody has a firmer grasp of tomorrow than the famous futurist, theoretical physicist and populariser of science that is Michio Kaku. He is the media’s go-to guy for scientific expertise and has starred in a myriad of TV shows for the likes of Discovery Channel, the BBC and ABC and his theories are regularly featured in publications such as WIRED, COSMOS and New Scientist to name a few.

Michio doesn’t see immortality as impossible and believes that we should attain digital immortality and advance our knowledge of telomeres to stop the clock on ageing.

He has four New York Times bestsellers under his belt: Physics of the Impossible (2008), Physics of the Future (2011), The Future of the Mind (2014) and his latest work, The Future of Humanity (2018).

Picking up from where the great Einstein left off, his main challenge has been to unite the laws of our universe in a grand “theory of everything.” A daunting idea to the average non-genius, but Kaku’s foundational contributions to string field theory brought physicists the closest they’ve ever come to actually achieving it.

For Michio, it was a high school science fair that really changed the trajectory of his life. To compete he built a 2.3 million volt “atom smasher” in his parent’s garage that could produce collisions powerful enough to create antimatter.  Nuclear scientist, Edward Teller, noticed the young Mishio’s astounding work and spread the word to the scientific community. Soon after, he got a full ride to Harvard University.

Since 1984, Michio has been a professor of physics at The City College of New York.

Last updated: April 4, 2019