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Michael Ashcroft


Ashcroft Associates




Ashcroft Associates


United Kingdom


Lord Ashcroft Polls

Est. Net Worth

$1.72 Billion Forbes





What makes Michael Ashcroft a Global Shaker?

Michael Ashcroft is not only one of the biggest donors of the Conservative party but has also served as its Deputy Chairman. He is well tied to the Tory Establishment and was made a life peer in the House of Lords in 2000.  He has personal networks within the May Government.

He was one of the strongest supporters of Leave Campaign. He is also an established pollster and had predicted an early win for the Leave campaign.

Ashcroft argues his case for Brexit in a blog post on his website saying “of course the world’s 5th largest economy will do well outside the EU, the question voters have to ask themselves is that whether Britain wants to remain in a union whose ambitions are different to its own”.

In his professional history, Ashcroft has a record of turning around failing companies and selling them on for a profit. He was also credited by many news outlets as the man who stopped the Cameron-Clegg coalition from working.

Last updated: April 19, 2018