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Mathias P. Clausen

Associate Professor and Food Microscopist

University of Southern Denmark


Associate Professor and Food Microscopist


University of Southern Denmark










What makes Mathias P Clausen a Global Shaker?

The oceans are in a bad way, given that they’re swamped in plastic, poisoned by oil, and full of human waste. And now there’s another problem to add: they’re home to an increasing number of jellyfish. The 500-million-year-old species is cropping up in areas they didn’t exist in previously, interrupting fishing processes, eating fish larvae and reducing marine biodiversity.

In response, some scientists recommend using jellyfish for agricultural, cosmetic and food purposes. One such scientist is Mathias P Clausen, who was worked out a new way of using ethanol to treat jellyfish and to create a crunchy jellyfish snack that reportedly tastes a bit like seaweed. The team is still working on making the process efficient, but hopes to be able to offer the snack as a viable way of discovering a new food source and controlling jellyfish populations.

Clausen is Associate Professor and Food Microscopist at the University of Southern Denmark, lecturing on chemical engineering and biotechnology. He has worked as a Research Assistant at LiPlasome Pharma A/S and DrugMode ApS.

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Last updated: June 21, 2019