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What makes Martina Puigvert a Global Shaker?

Young chef Martina Puigvert is an up and coming star in Spain. She’s the daughter of Fina Puigdevall, the head of Girona-based Les Cols, which has earned two Michelin stars for its loving devotion to produce from the local region.

Along with her older sister Clara, and younger sister Carlota, Martina now works at Les Cols, where she is Head Chef and Head of Culinary R&D.

In an interview with 7canibales, Martina says Les Cols is everything that has surrounded her since she was little. “It’s what opened the door to the world of gastronomy for me, the place that encouraged me to study, that continues to motivate me.”

Martina studied Gastronomy and Culinary Arts at the Basque Culinary Centre, and has worked at Lua in Madrid, Koy Shunka in Barcelona, and restaurants in the US and in Bolivia.

The young chef explains what having local produce at the heart of the Les Cols experience means. “By depending on local products, we’re completely connected to the weather, which can be an inconvenience when it comes to creating dishes, given we never know exactly when a product will arrive, let alone how long they will last.

“Not everything is in our hands. Nature plays a very important part in this project, supplying us with one product or another. And it’s then that we do a good job.”

She says that being able to spend time working on R&D has helped her improve communication between the restaurant and the allotments.

Fina, Martina’s mother, has managed the restaurant since May 1990 as chef and owner. She aims for her restaurant to create happiness, and likes to remove everything that she considers unessential, while “not losing the essential poetry”.

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Last updated: May 9, 2020