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What makes Martin Stoelen a global shaker?

Robotics specialist Dr Martin Stoelen is the Founding Director of Fieldwork Robotics, a company that may be on the verge of revolutionising farming across the world.

His company has successfully trialled a machine that can pluck raspberries — one of the softest, and therefore most difficult, fruits for machines to grab — that are grown directly in fields. The technology makes use of high definition cameras and machine learning to assess which berries to take, how to do so, and where to put them afterwards.

The technology, which is still in a relatively early phase, has the potential to pick 25,000 berries per day — 10,000 more than a human working an eight hour shift. His company has also trialled similar robots working with other fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes and cauliflowers. It is estimated that within 10 years, workers in low-skilled jobs will lose their jobs to robot compatriots.

Stoelen, formerly a student of Aerospace Engineering, is Associate Professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and a Lecturer in Robotics at Plymouth University.

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Last updated: May 28, 2019