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What makes Marillyn Hewson a Global Shaker?

Marillyn Hewson is the CEO, chairman, and president of the aerospace and defence manufacturing company Lockheed Martin. She is considered to be one of the most influential executives in the world, ranking #1 on Fortune’s Most Powerful Women list in 2018.

When asked if there was a piece of advice she’d had earlier in her career, Marillyn said that she wished she had been told that taking risks is the only way to proceed in one’s career. “In retrospect, I wish someone had told me to quiet that inner voice, because the only way to become a leader is by building up your own experiences,” she stated, as reported by The Washington Post.

Lockheed Martin is one of the most renowned defense, security, and advanced technology corporations in the world; approximately 70 percent of the company’s sales are connected to the U.S. government. In recent years, Marillyn has been leading Lockheed Martin into space militarization, and the company’s space technologies have been drawing international attention. From intercontinental ballistic missiles to the groundbreaking GPS III Space Vehicle, Lockheed Martin is creating technology to help government and commercial clients to achieve more in outer space. The company predicts that, with the right technology, resources, and commitment, humans will be able to walk on the moon by 2024.

Marillyn started working at the company in 1983, as a senior industrial engineer. She holds degrees in business administration and economics from the University of Alabama and has also participated in executive development programs at Harvard Business School and Columbia Business School.

The Lockheed Martin CEO credits her mother’s resilience after the death of her father for her business acumen.

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Last updated: March 25, 2020